I have had foot problems for years and have had many many different types of orthotics. I ended up with tight and strained leg and lower back muscles, plantar fasciitis in my right foot, hammer toes, you name it. As a last resort and with little faith, I got fitted by Sabina Gutsell. I was EXTREMELY skeptical when I started wearing them. However, that first evening, to my dumbfounded surprise, I realized that my legs and lower back felt more relaxed than they had in a long time. Walking (legs, lower back) was more enjoyable. It took awhile for my feet (and possibly other parts of my body and mind) to realize that things had changed. Taking a couple of hikes, which I hadn’t done in years, over especially rocky terrain really seemed to work all my foot and ankle muscles hard and kind of, well, get the feet more active and aligned. I realized that the feet have lots of muscles that need to be exercised. I am excited about seeing and feeling where these orthotics will take me in the future!”

Meredith Perry, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - ORTHOTICS

“Absolute magic! The physical therapist, the osteopath, and the chiropractor failed to relieve my sciatic pain. Sabina in one session reduced the pain to negligible and in a few further sessions cured it completely.”

Robert R. Anderson- IMT

“Sabina’s deep yet gentle prenatal massage was just what my 36-week-pregnant back and hips needed. Not only that, but her intuitive, energetic healing helped open my heart to be in a better emotional space for myself and my baby.”


“As a long-time client of Sabina’s, I have always appreciated her intuitive, healing massages.  However, I was not really prepared for the incredible results of IMT. After one session of a massage with some IMT, my chronically inflamed forearm was healed. Next, after three months of unsuccessful treatment of a hard-to-beat bacterial infection, one IMT session with Sabina and the infection was gone.  That was over a month ago and it has not returned.  I am very impressed and deeply grateful.”

Rebecca Rueter, Reiki Healing Arts -MASSAGE THERAPY, IMT

 “I didn’t know anything about Sabina’s work when I came to my first appointment.  I was going on pure confidence in my friend, who sees a lot of holistic health care practitioners, and said that Sabina was “the best.”  I arrived at the office, open to whatever her gifts were, with no specific expectations.  In a one hour session, Sabina addressed my major health problem without my ever having mentioned to her what this problem was!  She read my body and shifted a dysfunctional hormonal circuitry that has troubled me since I was a young child. I didn’t know that an hour session of body work could be so profoundly healing.  Sabina’s work is magnificent!  I am scheduling half my family to see her. Thank you,  Jess.”

Jess D. -IMT  

“It is wonderful to look back over the year and the distance I’ve come. It feels like a miracle to me that I am here now, free from surgery, strongly on my healing path, and grateful beyond measure. You have walked with me every step of the way, and you are woven into the fabric of my story in a way that brings me great joy and appreciation for all you have shared with me, provided for me, and released within me. Thank you for discovering the miracles with me. I am very fortunate to have such a gifted, loving, wise and funny teacher. Many, many thanks for it all! Three cheers for Sabina!”

Jannie D.- IMT client