Approaching the body as a whole, I have designed effective treatments that support the body’s natural movement toward health. And, for nearly two decades as a professional massage therapist, I have mastered techniques individually tailored to identify and address a client’s core challenges. Common issues include:

  • neck & back pain

  • hip, knee, foot pain

  • shoulder, elbow, wrist pain

I massage with jojoba oil and never expose clients to synthetic stabilizers commonly used in massage oils and lotions. Jojoba is an exceptionally nourishing plant wax and good for even the most sensitive skin. On the massage table I use a biomat filled with crushed amethyst crystals that when heated releases deeply soothing negative ions— anti-oxidants assisting in cellular regeneration. Tense muscles, and tight fascia often create discomfort, and if left untreated, can lead to skeletal misalignment, causing pain and inflammation. Skeletal misalignment can also lead to muscular weakness and deterioration of joints. Among the specialized techniques that I use, these are particularly effective:

  • craniosacral balancing

  • myofascial unwinding

  • deep tissue massage

Knowing your therapist’s qualifications is essential. I graduated from the Stillpoint Massage Therapy 700 hour massage therapy program in 2002, obtaining the national certification for massage therapists, and have been in practice since. Currently there is no licensing requirement for massage therapists in the state of Vermont, so it is important to know the background of your practitioner.