I am a trained Sole Support Orthotics provider.

An orthotic recreates the way your foot moves as you walk. Sole Supports change the heel strike, align ankle and toe bones, as well as the arch to create a far more ideal movement through space. Unique from other orthotics, each hand made, individually calibrated orthotic is crafted to your weight and use specifications and designed to account for the flexibility, or rigidity, of each foot. A custom casting will be made of each foot and sent to the Sole Supports medical-grade orthotics facility for fabrication. Common problems relieved by Sole Supports include:

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Hammer Toes

  • Foot and Ankle  Pain

  • Hip and Low Back Pain

I tried Sole Supports because an athletic trainer told me that she loved her orthotics and because I got occasional arch pain. After wearing my Sole Support Orthotic for three months my knock knees straightened out; I gained full spinal flexion; and my knees stopped cracking whenever I stood up.

As well as relieving pain, athletes find that Sole Supports give them more power. When joints are misaligned, muscle has to hold the joints together. If the joints are aligned, then muscle is freed up for power.

Visit the Sole Supports website for more comprehensive information and contact me if you are interested in scheduling a fitting or consultation.